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While this list started as a record of Jeff Foxworthy's tests, the majority no longer come from Jeff.

As a resident of the southern mountains, I have to admit many of these redneck tests have been passed by me all too personally.

Others come from guilty friends or by witnessing events.

Those lines that I can verify as true incidents have an * at the end.


You might be a redneck if...

2001-2100More appearing as I see them
You might be a redneck pictures

If you are keeping score, getting more than 25 is a passing score.

You probably are a redneck if...


All you need to pass here is 5!

You definitely Are a redneck if...


If you get any of these, you ARE a redneck!



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In fairness to those who live up New England way who think they aren't rednecks.

You might be a blueneck if...


You might be from New Jersey if...


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